Today (September 12) we launched subsidiary company Ohmio Automotion, a new company that will design, manufacture and support self-driving vehicles and connected vehicles.

At the event today, attended by Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Secretary for Transport Peter Mersi and over 100 transport and technology peers Ohmio Automotion was launched. Our Global CEO, Stephen Matthews announced that Ohmio Automotion intend to begin production of the self-driving vehicles in New Zealand.  

The electric Ohmio Hop shuttles which were showcased at today's event are self-driving, connected, autonomous vehicles, meaning that not only are they driverless, but they share information with each other. The uniqueness of that connected technology is that, unlike any similar vehicles in the world, the Ohmio vehicles can move more efficiently and safely in a convoy or platooning formation.

A range of four Ohmio models is planned for production in the next 12 months, the vehicles will range in size from small to large shuttles and light commercial vehicles. Each vehicle will be built around the innovative technology developed by parent company HMI Technologies, an engineering company that specialises in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). 

In the coming months, Ohmio will begin taking pre-orders, allowing clients to customise vehicles to their end-users, for instance, whether the vehicles will need luggage capabilities or to cater to mobility-impaired users.    

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