We are excited to be able to announce that our RouteTIP system is being trialled by the public for the first time, in a trial launched by New Zealand's Transport Minister Simon Bridges. 

50 rental cars from car rental company GO Rentals travelling between Christchurch and Queenstown are equipped with our RouteTIP system which will relay audio alerts about road safety, road conditions and journey time information received from over 60 roadside beacons. The three month trial is an opportunity to test the system and gather feedback from a diverse range of drivers, both New Zealanders and international tourists. 

This is a world first for this type of ITS infrastructure to vehicle (I2V) technology. We have been developing RouteTIP over the past two years and it has been trialled in both Christchurch and Melbourne cities, integrating with traffic management software and numerous sensors types, displaying a large number of images and audio messages. This is the first time we will get feedback from the public and interest is already positive. 

The RouteTIP system is designed to be cost effective, simple to install and capable of conveying hundreds of simple messages to keep drivers informed and improve road safety. In this trial 60 key locations have been selected, and beacons at each location are capable of communicating to traffic approaching in either direction. The cost benefits from the system are in reducing the economic cost of traffic accidents and tragedy of associated injuries and fatalities, while also offering a new option could reduce ITS infrastructure costs. 

The concise audio messages conveyed by RouteTIP include journey time information, alerts about road conditions and also reminders to take driver rest breaks. The route where the trial takes place involves several state highways which include high mountain passes which will experience snow and ice over winter, and also stretches of remote rural roads which will prove the system’s effectiveness in remote and challenging conditions. 

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