As reported in the national news, an independent review of its road safety work around schools shows that speed restriction signs and advanced warning signs around Auckland schools has dramatically reduced the number of students injured in crashes around the school gate. 

As reported by Fairfax Media on the Stuff website:

"Community and road safety manager Karen Hay said the results showed crashes involving school aged pedestrians and cyclists dropped by 37 per cent for schools that had 40km/h variable speed zones or advance warning signs, as well as those with had school travel plans in place to encourage road safety.

However, those only using school travel plans with no road signs failed to reduce crash rates any more than schools using neither safety measures....other measures included slower speeds in residential streets, improved road crossings, speed humps and other road design changes, and teaching students road safety."

The results of the report confirm the value of introducing the advanced warning signs such as the LED School Zone signs, which are supplied to NZTA, local authorities and schools by HMI Technologies.

The government is now set to review road speeds outside schools across the country as part of it's Safer Journey's road safety campaign and we can expect the benefits of advanced warning signs and dynamic speed zone signs to be seen across the country.